About us

Biff Buzby's Burgers opened its doors June 19, 1999, and is a family-owned business. It started when Donna Humphreys and her husband, Ron, had an idea to open a restaurant.

They knew it had to be their favorite food (burgers) and the concept would have to be be as fresh and homemade as possible. In fact, to this day, we still make our patties fresh with 100% ground beef and how about them buns is a sweetened sourdough recipe. Growing up my parents served pork 'n' beans alongside their grilled burgers. So, Donna decided to serve homemade pinto beans with her burgers.

Donna Humphreys, the founder, passed away July 26, 2019. I look forward to carrying on her legacy and providing the best old-fashioned burger in town.

Good Food, Good Service, Good Times.

-Francis Rogers lll